Colonial masters granting independence to their subjects


Colonial masters were British officials or the Europeans who owned colonies in the countries that they colonized.

Each nation which became free from the European colonialism was granted it's own independence by it's colonial masters. 

After the act of granting independence, the colonial masters always prepared or trained rulers (dictators, presidents, executives) that were supposed to rule the people until the crisis (the state of emergecy, the division, the argument, or the disagreement against their master's rule) had been solved.

The colonized colony was transformed into a state after gaining it's independence.

The evil leadership (oppressing of the people, dictatorship, etc) of the president, always made the nation which had gained independence to still depend on the help of their colonial masters. 

On the side of their elected presidents, all the weapons, financial help or loans and the legislated law that put the president in authority -office, all came from their colonial master.

Every nation that celebrated it's independence, was also forced to elect a president (a dictator or executive) who ruled them according to standards of their colonial masters. And on the other hand; this dictator was also governed by the kingdom of his colonial master.

Today we have a lot of nations that celebrate their independence, but most of them are not yet free from the mental enslavement of their colonial masters.

Article written by Ap Ngabo Alex. 

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