Noah had three sons and Ham the father of Cush was the great ancient father of Africa

1aa3 sons of noah.pngThe ancient history of Africa:
From the son of Noah called "Ham", that is where the off-spring of the black African race springs from. 

In Genes 10:6 it is written; The sons of Ham were Cush, Mizraim (meaning Egypt), Sidion, Put and Canaan.
The Hebrew word "Cushi" or "Kushi" (כושי) derived from "Cush", refers to black-dark skinned people.
The word "Cush" or means black or dark.

The black race specialized in the administration of the spiritual matters, including the cultural arts of designing or bringing of the spiritual (concepts, ideas, or revealed information of the spirit) into it's physical reality.

Thus; the ancient black race being the first among all races to initiate or to bring down the kingdom from above into the lower parts of the earth.

The civilization of engineering which designed and constructed the early ancient kingdoms of Babel, Accad (Akkad), Mizraim (meaning Egypt), Nineveh, Sidon, Sodom, Gomorrah, Babylon etc were all administrated by the black race as in Genesis 10:6-20.

The second type of language introduced after the Hebrew tongue was Aramaic, and the ancient Sumerian and Akkadian (also know as the tongue or dialect of the black man).

The first type of science of mathematics which structured the affairs of economics, astrology and financial transactions was forged by the black sons of Ham.

The second code of law which was slightly different from that which was given to Adam in Genesis 2:17, which governed the human life was designed by the sons of Ham. 

The art of writing, including hyrographics which preserved and passed down the cultural arts of mythologies and oral story tellings was also designed by the black sons of Ham. 

By the help of the oral prophetic utterances taught by Adam and rehearsed by Noah, and Due to the spiritual ability (gift) of being able to discern and understand the spiritual values of things, that was upon the sons of Ham - the dark skinned race.

The sons of Noah, who descended from Ham the father of Cush, decided to choose Africa as their dwelling place.

They called "Africa" the land of the Sun (the place where the sun is born), settling in South Africa, and east west of Africa and eventually the whole of Africa.

Article written by Ap Ngabo Alex for conscious lifestyle

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