Pharmaceutical pills are poisonous and dangerous

operation-medicine-cabinetjpg-5462ea741da65d76.jpgPharmaceutical pills are poisonous and this is why you are instructed to take them in a certain dosage.

And though pharmaceutical drugs are made from alkaline substances, because these substances are synthetic in nature, once inside the body, they cause the body to become acidic. No pharmaceutical drug can fool the body over the long run.

Birth control pills may fool the body and prevent pregnancy, but after awhile, the body will develop cancer as a result of this trickery and let you know that you have been harming your body by unwisely tricking it (or attempting to trick it) and the result may be death. How wise it is to prevent life (conception) and in the process of preventing life, end up possibly losing your own life? Females should really ponder over this.

We must remember that the human body is ORGANIC and CARBON and COPPER based. It is electrical! Nature's herbs are also organic, carbon and copper-based, and electrical and therefore are 100% compatible with the human organism. We cannot say the same about pharmaceutical drugs, most of which are made from petroleum which has no place in the human body.

When you place an inorganic substance in the human body, which is organic, you are polluting the human body physically and altering the natural vibration of the body and thus creating disease.

Herbs don't harm the human body, not the ones in common usage, as there are herbs and plants in existence out there in Nature that can harm you. Herbs have intelligence which your cells can decipher or decode and respond to. This is how healing occurs. All herbs can find their way out of the body, unlike drugs. Because drugs lack intelligence and cannot find their way out of the body, they end up lodging themselves in the tissues creating the need to detoxify the body with an emphasis on tissue cleansing.

People are not ending up dead by taking herbs, but they are dropping like flies from taking pharmaceutical drugs and this is a medical fact. In fact, though I would never advocate illegal drug consumption (because and drug is a drug in my book), but so-called illegal drugs are actually safer than pharmaceutical drugs. More people die in one day from legal drug consumption than all the people who will die from illegal drug consumption in 1,000 years. But don't get it twisted! Illegal drugs are still POISONOUS to the human body.

People are so desperate for healing in addition to being half dead (unconscious) that despite the warnings about the 5-7 adverse side effects or reactions from taking the drug that they are warned about (on the bottle and/or from the television commercial), they'll still take the darn drug. And in all due reality, pharmaceutical drugs can have up to fifty adverse side effects or reactions.

While pharmaceutical drugs have about fifty adverse side effects or reactions, Nature's herbs only have beneficial side effects or reactions. No doctor or pharmacist will challenge me by taking 50 pills of a drug while I take 50 capsules of an herb. No doctor will do this unless he or she is suicidal or not wrapped too tight mentally.

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