Rosh-Hashanah - is a day of Crowning God king


tishreirosh2.jpgThe first day which begins the seventh month (Tishrei) on the hebrew calendar is called "The head of the year". 

The day is known as (Rosh-Hashanah) in Hebrew, also being the beginning of a New Hebrew (Jewish) Year. 

It is also called "the Day of Crowning God King" or the day of judgement.

The hebrew word "Rosh-Hashanah" is made up of two words, "Rosh" meaning head and "Hashanah" meaning the year.

The day when he who crowns God king, becomes crowned with a crown of God's blessings upon his or her head.

The concept of crowning God king derives from the acknowledgement of God's sovereign authority which governs and administrated the Earth as God's kingdom. 

Rosh-Hashanah is the day when God is crowned as King in the lives of those that appreciate His Kingship. 

Crowning God King also means; that we choose to have God as the ruler, king and the law giver in our lives, (as it is written in Isaiah 33:20-22), due to the true fact that God planted the garden in Eden (Genesis 2:8) on Rosh-hashanah.

On this same day at the celebration of Rosh-Hashanah, Abraham took his son Isaac on mount Moriah to offer him as a sacrifice (Genesis 22:15-18), And in return God gave His only begoten son to die for the sins of the entire human race 1 John 3:16.

This was also the same season when King Solomon had finished sacrificing a thousand burnt offerings on God's Altar, and on that same night of Rosh-Hashanah, God appeared to King Solomon and gave Him wisdom and riches that surpassed all the kings of the Earth as in 1 Kings 8:2-1. 

On Rosh-hashanah God made Adam the king of the garden in Eden (Gensis 2:15).

Rosh-Hashanah is also when the 100 blast of shofar blast (trumpet) of Jubilee are blown to declare God's Kingship over the entire earth, as it is written in; read Leviticus 23: 24, Numbers 29:1-2, 1 Kings1:34.

Article writteb by Ap Ngabo Alex


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