Swedish Democrats or Sweden Democrats


1aaswedish democrat.pngThe Sweden Democrats or Swedish Democrats (Swedish: Sverigedemokraterna, SD) are a far-right, right-wing populist, and anti-immigration political party in Sweden that was founded in 1988.

Since 2005 its party chairman has been Jimmie Åkesson, while Richard Jomshof is party secretary and parliamentary group leader.

The Sweden Democrats was founded in 1988 as a successor to the Sweden Party, which in turn had been formed in 1986 by the merger of Bevara Sverige Svenskt (BSS, English: Keep Sweden Swedish) and a faction of the Swedish Progress Party.

Young members are organised in the Sweden Democratic Youth (SDU), founded in 1998. 


The Sweden Democrats believe that the current Swedish immigration and integration policies have been a failure.

SD feels that the current situation with a large number of immigrants living in cultural enclaves is not beneficial for Sweden. 

They argue that the immigrants themselves are rootless, violent people, that there have been rising antagonistic (opposition, hostile, hate, rebellious) tensions between various population groups (socially, ethnically, religiously and culturally).

The Swedish democrat also strongly believes that the immigration in itself, has caused social and economic strains on the country.

SD has referred to the recommendations from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) which state and declares that the return of refugees back to their own countries should be the solution to refugee problems.

As the party considers Sweden to have had too much immigration in later years, which it claims have seriously threatened national identity and societal cohesion. 

SD wants to reinstate a common Swedish national identity which in turn would mean a stronger inner solidarity. 

SD rejects the policy of multiculturalism, but accepts a multiethnic society where cultural assimilation is promoted.

SD wishes to strongly restrict immigration, and give generous support for immigrants who instead of wanting to assimilate in Sweden voluntarily prefer to emigrate back to their country of origin. 

As more state funds are made free from funding mass immigration, SD believes that Sweden in turn will have the possibility to better help refugees in their own nearby locations.


The Sweden Democrats advocate a cultural policy that would strip funding for multicultural initiatives and strengthen support for traditional Swedish culture.

This agenda has often manifest in opposition to state funding of immigrant cultural organizations and festivals. 

SD also strongly believes that the government funds should only support the traditional Swedish craft, folk music, and folk dance groups instead.

The party also tends to oppose state-support for cultural initiatives deemed provocative or elitist.

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